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How does the waiting list work?

My Truly Scrumptious Ragdoll Kittens are very sort after because of how they are raised - with so much love, care and socialisation - so I do almost always have a waiting list and my kittens are pretty much always born with the most loving homes already waiting for them! Wonderful futures already set! The way every baby should be born.

Most of my kittens go to people who are coming back for their second, third or even fourth kitten (!!), or are people that have met my kittens at their friends places.

The deposits are $200 each and are non-refundable – but are transferable to any litters that I have (eg you can be on my waiting list for as long as you want until the perfect wee baby comes along for you!).

You will need to pay a deposit to secure your place on the waiting list so that you don’t miss out on one of my kittens.

Once you are on the waiting list you will be kept up to date with all of the exciting news as the mummies get pregnant and due dates get mentioned. When the kittens are born you will receive day to day photos of the kittens so you can watch them growing. The kittens are born totally white and over the first couple of weeks you can really see the colours and patterns immerge. Once I am 99% sure I know what colours, patterns and genders all the kittens are the family who have first choice on the waiting list, eg the people who have been waiting the longest, get to choose. Once they have chosen the next family can choose and so on.

You definitely get to choose your baby and although I can help match the perfect kitten with your family, I wont choose it for you ...unless that is what you want!

All of my kittens are equally as special, friendly and purrfect on the inside... its only the colours and patterns that really make them different at this young age.


When are Scrumptious Kittens ready to leave home?


Scrumptious Ragdoll Kittens are ready to leave for their new homes once they have reached 10 weeks old. By this age they are independent and their mums will have taught them the basics in life – cleaning themselves etc. They are also ready to be on their own at this age and wont pine for their mum and litter mates.

One Scrumptious kitten or two?

A kitten is a great pet and a wonderful source of endless companionship and entertainment for you - the owners. Two kittens double the pleasure of kitten ownership. They will romp and play together supplying you with hours of entertainment. It also takes the pressure off you having to keep up with their sometimes demanding constant playtime. When they are tired they will curl up and sleep together. If you work full time having two kittens keeping each other company can alleviate some of the guilt you feel by leaving them alone at home all day – Ragdolls don’t like being left alone as they are very social so another kitten or another pet is definitely recommended. Having two kittens also solves bedtime problems if you don't want to share your bed with them. They are more likely to be happy to snuggle up together in their own bed rather than yours. Kittens brought up together usually form a lifelong bond and as adults will enjoy each other's company.

Having said how wonderful it is to own two kittens it is just as acceptable to own just one. Your kitten will bond with you and offer you a life time of pleasure.

A Boy or a Girl Scrumptious Kitten?

Each kitten, regardless of gender, has his or her own personality. While I do feel that "in general" females are more independent and boys are more smoochie, you can't really pin a prejudice on boys or girls. We've had both affectionate males and affectionate females. It's best to go by the individual kitten's personality! Or go with what you like and what you want.

Are Scrumptious Kittens ok with children?

Scrumptious Ragdoll kittens LOVE children!! They are brought up around young children and love it! Our ragdolls are always kittens at heart and they just love the games and attention that children give them.

If your children are young, you should never leave them unattended with your Scrumptious Ragdoll kitten – Ragdolls are very gentle and almost never scratch – so if you’re young one hurts your Ragdoll kitten it will probably not defined itself and could get badly injured – they are too trusting!! Ensure you teach your children how to properly handle the kitten and provide the kitten with a safe place it can retreat to should it need to get away. Explain to your children that kittens & cats should never be disturbed if they are sleeping or eating.

Can I buy a Scrumptious Kitten to breed from?

I do sell Ragdoll kittens entire to registered breeders. If you are not registered I am happy to mentor you through the process – I have done this before and am happy to do it again.

I will not sell kittens to breeders who will keep their kittens in cages, locked in rooms or restrained from being a spoilt and loved ‘pet cat’ in anyway. are Ragdolls called "Ragdolls"?

The name Ragdoll comes from the cats ability to become totally relaxed and limp like a child's toy ragdoll. This characteristic is true. It is even more prevalent in mature Ragdolls than in kittens.

What is the life expectancy of the average Ragdoll?

With the proper care and attention, a Ragdoll is no different from any other cat. They can live anywhere from 15 to 25 years of age.

Do Ragdolls Shed hair?

Ragdolls do shed, however, despite their thick coat; Ragdolls lack a layer of under coat, and shed very little. Other breeds with similar coats, shed and need to be groomed almost 90% more than a Ragdoll – making them a very low-maintenance breed of long haired cat.

How long does it take a Ragdoll to mature?

Ragdolls reach full maturity between 3 and 4 years of age. This is when they will reach maximum growth, which can, in some cases, be in excess of 20 pounds! They are considered the largest breed of domestic cat. Although their colours may be in fully by the time the cat reaches 2 years old.