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Getting your Scrumptious Kitten home

- Transport by car
When you come to collect your Scrumptious Ragdoll Kitten from us you should bring a cat carrier. There are both economy and luxury versions available. A warm towel placed inside the carrier will create a safe haven for the kitten, which will have no real concept about the journey or its new home. It is important to use a cat carrier because a frightened kitten may panic when first placed in a vehicle with someone unfamiliar.
Position the carrier on you or your helper’s knees to prevent any sudden movements causing the carrier and kitten to be thrown about. It is important not to leave kitten unattended while it is inside the carrier. It is also vital to make sure that it cannot become either too hot or too cold.
If you have a long journey home for the kitten you should also bring a food bowl and a water bowl so that you can stop and refresh your kitten – you may also need to bring a litter box.

- Transport by air
If you live too far to come and collect your Scrumptious Ragdoll kitten then it can easily be flown to you. Flying kittens is really quite simple and not too stressful for the kitten. I have flown kittens all over the country before and have had no problems. If you live in the North Island then it will cost you $115.00 to fly your kitten to your closest airport. If you live in the South Island then it will cost you $193.00 to fly your kitten to your closest airport. You will also need to buy a flight safe carry cage which normally costs $60. Up to three kittens can fly in the same carry cage for the same price – so if you want two kittens it isn’t doubling the transport costs.

Settling your Scrumptious Kitten in to your home

Once your Scrumptious Ragdoll Kitten arrives home, confine your kitten to one room with a litter tray, food, water & a comfortable bed & give your kitten some time to become familiar with their surroundings. Cats are fastidiously clean animals & it is necessary to make sure the food & water bowls need to be kept as far away from the litter tray as possible. Once the kitten is well settled, you can gradually increase the area your kitten can explore.
As Scrumptious Kittens are well adjusted to living with the normal hustle and bustle of everyday life they shouldn’t take long to feel comfortable in their new home with you and the rest of your family.

Introducing your Scrumptious Kitten to your other pets

Let your new kitten settle in before you attempt to introduce it to other pets you have. The introduction needs to be slow and at the animal's pace. Some pets will become firm friends almost immediately; however it is common for resident pets to be upset at the arrival of a new pet for weeks or even months. This is completely normal behaviour and needs to be met with sensitivity and understanding. The worst thing you can do is rush the situation.

                - Your Dog(s)
Scrumptious Ragdoll Kittens are brought up with our three dogs (ranging in size from HUGE to tiny!) so are used to dogs and aren’t afraid around them. Most dogs don’t mind cats so introducing your Scrumptious kitten to your dog(s) shouldn’t be a problem. A well socialised dog will easily accept a young kitten. Older dogs may be less tolerant, but a small scratch from your kitten will soon make them less aggressive and integration will generally take place quickly and without major problems. It’s best to just take it slow and closely supervise their first few times together.

                - Your other Cat(s)
Scrumptious Ragdoll Kittens are very used to living with other cats and are great around them. Quite often an older cat won’t be very pleased with the presents of a kitten in their territory. Although some are fine and enjoy the new company!
A good trick is to rub your new kitten with a towel to impart her scent on it, and then put the towel in the sleeping area of your existing cat(s), so they'll become accustomed to the kittens smell – before they even meet! Reverse the tactic by giving her a towel or blanket with the scent of your older cats. In a couple of days you can put her in a carrier and allow the other cats to come in and sniff her.
Soon-- within a week or two, the bunch of them should settle down and be getting along just fine. The key is not to rush things, and to give both sides a lot of individual attention in the interim. In no time at all, your kitten will be part of your cat(s) ‘pride’.

Inside – Outside?

Scrumptious Ragdoll Kittens are used to the outdoors and aren’t indoor only cats (unless you want/ need them to be). We have a safe sanctuary here for our kittens to grow up in – large landscaped properties in the country – so our kittens have always been allowed outside. However every home is different. If you live by a dangerous road then we do recommend that you keep your Scrumptious Ragdoll kitten inside so that it stays safe. Don’t let your new kitten outside until it is completely comfortable in your home. Once you think that your kitten is ready you can let it out into a safe part of your garden /courtyard and keep a close eye on it. Do this for the first few outings. Mostly we advice that you don’t let your kitten roam freely outside until it has been de-sexed. We always recommend that your Ragdoll is kept inside at night throughout its life.

Feeding your Scrumptious Kitten

Our Scrumptious Ragdoll kittens are feed on ‘Royal Canin’ kitten biscuits as well as fresh fish, cooked boned chicken and mince.  We always keep the biscuits available for the kittens as well as clean water and we feed them real food for their breakfast, lunch and dinner. As they get older they don’t need to be feed three times a day. If you do change your kittens diet you will need to do so gradually so your kitten doesn’t get an upset tum. I feed my kittens on a range of food so hopefully they will be really easy to feed.

The litter box

Scrumptious Ragdolls are fully litter box trained before they leave here. We also train our kittens to use the garden during the day when they are outside. We use Attapulgite – which can be purchased from most vets (as seen below).


The Contract

All of my kittens come with a standard contract to ensure that you are happy with your kitten and that we are happy with you and your home. By buying a Truly Scrumptious Ragdoll Kitten you are agreeing to this contract:

Conditions of the Sale

1              Seller agrees that this kitten is healthy to the best of her knowledge. And comes from a DNA tested line free of HCM.
Seller agrees that she is the owner and has good and lawful authority to sell the above-described kitten/cat as PET ONLY.

2              Buyer has 72 hours to take the kitten to the vet for a health exam, if any health concerns are found, the buyer may return kitten to the seller within 72 hours with an explanation from the attending vet. No medical or travel charges will be refunded.

3              Under no circumstances will this cat or kitten be sold, leased or given away to any pet store, research laboratory, breeding mill or similar facility. If at any time the Buyer becomes unable to care for the kitten, Seller is given the right of first refusal.

4              This Kitten is sold as PET ONLY and MUST not be used for breeding. The cat will be altered by 6 months of age, and registration papers will be held by seller until proof of altering has been supplied.

5              This cat will be registered in NZCF.

6              If this cat is sold with showing rights, it may be may be shown as long as it’s in good health and condition, and presented well groomed, and presents a temperament in agreement with the showhall. Temperament can never be guaranteed nor can size/type. If this cat has a temperament or type that does not hold up for show, it will not continue to be shown.

7              This kitten/cat will not be declawed.

8              The purchaser agrees to keep the seller/breeder informed of whereabouts of kitten/cat if the cat should move, to contact breeder with update on kitten/cat at regular intervals (i.e. 6 months, 1 year etc.) and send photos and updates to the breeder each 6 months for 2 years, then yearly thereafter.

9              If the purchaser is found to be in violation of any of these terms and conditions, the breeder/seller retains the option to sue the purchaser in New Zealand, the country of residence of the breeder, for breach of contract and demand immediate return of the cat and possible kittens to the breeder.