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Your Scrumptious Kittens Health

As we only ever give our Scrumptious Ragdoll kittens the best they are always very healthy. We have had great comments from vets all over the country – one vet stating that he had never in his life seen a kitten so humanized and healthy!

Your Scrumptious Ragdoll kitten will come with its vet book which you can use to record its vaccinations, worming and de-fleaing updates.

Your Scrumptious Ragdoll Kitten will be up to date with its vaccinations and will have been treated for both internal and external parasites. Your kitten will also have been fully vet checked before leaving here.

As they are fully vet checked before leaving, we are confident that we are sending off a healthy kitten that will have no problems. If you are not happy with your Scrumptious kittens health, we will definitely take the kitten back, with full refund, providing you can prove a valid reason why your kittens health is not ok within three days of being with your kitten and we must have the kitten back within a week of it leaving our home.


Your Scrumptious Kittens Coat

Ragdolls are a semi-longhaired breed and despite their thick coat, Ragdolls lack a layer of under coat, and shed very little. Their coat is also rather low maintenance due to the factor that it is rather rabbit like and non-matting - However every Ragdoll is different - some Ragdolls can matt quite a bit - others only matt under the armpits or during coat changes due to seasonal changes in the weather – and other Ragdolls do not really matt at all. None of our Ragdolls need brushing as they don’t matt, however sometimes it is nice to give your Ragdoll the occasional brush to remove any loose hair and your Ragdoll will enjoy the attention and time with you immensely.


Clipping your Scrumptious Kittens claws

Scrumptious Ragdoll kittens don't tend to use their claws at all and clipping is almost never necessary. However if you do want to clip your kittens claws you must do so very carefully. Firstly you must hold your kitten securely (although your ragdoll kitten probably won’t struggle anyway!) and then push down on your kittens paw pads to reveal their claws – when you clip them you have to be very careful only to cut the very tip off – if you cut too much of the claw you will hurt your kitten, it will bleed and you will need to contact a vet for advice. There are lots of help tutorials on cutting your kittens claws online - so you can find plenty of help there and shouldn’t have any trouble.

De-sexing your Scrumptious Kitten

Your Scrumptious Ragdoll Kitten will come with a de-sexing contract. When you buy a kitten from me you are obliged to de-sex your kitten before the age of six months. You can read a copy of the legal de-sexing contract here. As I know the importance of bonding to a kitten at a young age I don’t like to keep them until they are old enough to be de-sexed (4 months old). Also I don't believe that de-sexing kittens younger than 3-4 months is very ethical – the kittens are only babies and aren’t even developed properly – my vet also tells me that it can cause problems later in life if they are de-sexed too early, often resulting in death or serious pain.

Before you get your new Truly Scrumptious Ragdoll Kitten, print off the desexing contract and full it out with your details – then post the form to me (postal address on form). You can print the form off again once your Scrumptious Kitten has been de-sexed and get your vet to full out the rest of the details – then it can be posted to me finished.

Once I have the finished form you will recive your Truly Scrumptious Ragdolls papers.